Within the Eastbourne Area, major choral works should not be scheduled within a year of an existing performance.  These include:  Handel ‘Messiah’ (in full), Mozart ‘Requiem’, Faure ‘Requiem’, Brahms ‘Requiem’ and other popular items from the standard choral repertoire.
Concerts  outside the Eastbourne Area, such as Seaford, do not come within the scope of this guideline.  However,  MDs need to be mindful of the fact that some of their members sing in more than one choir, and concerts scheduled for the same day might result in some singers choosing which concert to sing in.
Lesser works which are a feature of a concert and which will appear on publicity, should also be avoided within this one year guideline.  It is important that these lesser works are included in the EADCA diary at the earliest stage so that choirs can identify if their inclusion clashes with any of their own plans .  Where lesser works are included in a programme, but have not been identified on the EADCA diary, then it is assumed that there would be no clash if another choir  included the same item.
Where potential clashes are identified, it is imperative that the matter is discussed between MDs at the earliest possible opportunity.
Other events, such as ‘scratch’ and  ‘almost-instant’ performances which culminate in a public performance, should be considered as concert performances and be governed by the same guidelines.
Events such as ‘workshops’ which do not culminate in a public performance are outside the scope of these guidelines.
Concerts in Eastbourne (within the town itself) on the same day should be avoided, but that it's acknowledged that some Saturdays will always be more popular than others. Where one choir has already taken a particular date that another choir needs to use, then MDs should talk to each other to see if one of them could move to an alternative date.