Eastbourne and  District Choirs Association

     1. Title
    The name of the Association shall be Eastbourne and District Choirs Association.
     2. Objects of the Association
    The objects of the Association shall  be to promote, improve, develop and maintain fellowship and support  for the mutual benefit of local Choirs and Choral Societies, local  singers, potential singers and audiences and to encourage and  support the growth and development of choral music within a radius  of fifteen miles from Eastbourne.
    3. Membership
    Membership of the association shall  be open to all choirs within a radius of fifteen miles of  Eastbourne.
    4. Officers and Committee
       4.1 The Committee shall consist of  one representative from each choir from whom shall be elected at the  Annual General Meeting
        The Chairman
        The Deputy Chairman
        The Honorary Secretary
        The Honorary Treasurer
    each of whom shall hold office for  one year and be eligible for re-election.
      4.2 The Committee shall have power to  co-opt members for any reason it thinks fit.
    5. Subscriptions
    The Committee shall determine the  rate of annual subscription payable by Members in General Meeting,  the intention of such subscription being to cover expenses and not  further or otherwise. Unless otherwise agreed from time to time such  subscriptions shall be payable in advance on 1 August in any year.
     6. Finance
       6.1 The financial year of the  Association shall end on 31 July in any year.
       6.2 A Bank Account shall be opened in the name of the Association  and cheques shall be signed by two of any of the Honorary Treasurer,  Honorary Secretary or Chairman.
      6.3 The Association may receive  donations, grants in aid and financial guarantees for any of its  activities.
    6.4 Income or property of the  Association shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of  the Association as set out above and no portion thereof shall be  paid or transferred either directly or indirectly to any Member of  the Association except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on  behalf of the Association.
    6.5 In the event of winding up of the  Association any remaining assets after all liabilities have been  discharged shall be transferred to a charitable organisation with  the object of promoting choral music.
    6.6 Annual financial accounts of the  Association shall be audited or examined and submitted to the  Association at the Annual General Meeting.
    7. Meetings
       7.1 Before the end of September in  each year the members shall be summoned to an Annual General Meeting  of which at least fourteen days notice in writing has been given.
    7.2 A Special General Meeting may be  called at the written request of any five members, stating the  nature of the business which is to be transacted. The Honorary  Secretary shall give to all Members of the Association not less than  fourteen days written notice of such meeting with details of the  business it is intended to transact.
    7.3 At a General Meeting of the  Society the Chairman shall take the Chair or failing him such member  as is agreed by the Committee. Any member of the Association may  speak and vote on any motion. Voting shall be by show of hands as  counted by the Secretary. In the event of equality of votes the  Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
     8. Amendments
    This Constitution may be amended from  time to time by a two thirds majority of Members present and  entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the Association provided  that at least fourteen days written notice of the proposed amendment  has been sent to all Members.
    Approved in General Meeting....2009